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Yoga Class for Complete Beginners

Yoga Class Made Specifically for Beginners! If you have been wanting to explore yoga but are starting from scratch, this class is perfect for you! This easy yoga class includes all of the elements of yoga – breathing, stretching, standing, balancing and resting. And all of this comes with a lot of instruction and explanation. This beginning yoga class moves at a slow pace so that you can explore and understand. As you begin your yoga practice, know that you can make adjustments and take your time. There is a lot of talking in this class – which is not typical in most of my classes – but this is to help you understand the alignment in some of the most common yoga postures. I hope you enjoy this class. Even if you are not new to yoga, but are interested in proper alignment, you might benefit from this class. This class is not for a specific age, physical ability, etc., but instead, it is meant to be informative and helpful in welcoming new yogis to the practice. I hope you enjoy this class! Please let me know what you think in the comments below!

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