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Rest Day Yoga Flow | Beginner-Friendly | Bad Yogi

Rest Day Yoga Flow

Level: Any
Props: N/A

The perfect yoga flow for your rest days. Whether you’ve had a week full of high-intensity physical exercise, or you’ve had a stretch of carrying a heavy mental load, this is a great class to help un-tense your body and your mind. We start in child’s pose, move through some seated forward folds, and finish with a gentle sun salutation variation with a little mindful breath. This is the Rest Day yoga of your DREAMS. Enjoy!

If you liked this class, you can find the full-length version and MANY more inside my online studio. The bonus part? You get two weeks free when you sign up so you can see how you enjoy it first. Sign up here:

What is Bad Yogi Studio?
Bad Yogi Studio houses all my full-length classes. There are hundreds of classes to choose from, and you’ll also get access to the Bad Yogi members-only Facebook group, which is the most positive and supportive little corner on the internet. You can check out the studio here:



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