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Level 1 – Yoga For Beginners- Asana Foundation

Level 1 – Yoga For Beginners – Asana Foundation – Evolution Series – Yogbela

It’s an amazing series for Beginner’s as they’ll get to know from where to start their yoga journey.
Whereas for regular practitioners it’s a way to make their foundation strong so that they can achieve advance postures with ease.

Level 1- 4 : Asana Foundation
Level 5-7 : Yoga Flow
Level 8-10 : Intense Practice

Level 1 –
Level 2 –
Level 3 –
Level 4 –
Level 5 –
Level 6 –
Level 7 –
Level 8 –
Level 9 –
Level 10 –

This series is an evolution series where level increases from 1 till 10.

At Yogbela, you’ll find a new tutorial every Wednesday. The tutorials will be be designed for beginners to advanced level yoga practitioners.
The purpose of coming online is, this way I can spread my knowledge across the globe and people around the world can be benefitted through it.

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Kindly consult your physician and follow all safety instructions. If you are unsure about any practice we recommend you to do it under a professional yoga instructor or physician. If done incorrectly, these practices may cause injury.

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