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Kids Yoga & Mindfulness to Wind Down

Kids Yoga and Mindfulness

A selection of calming kids yoga and mindfulness to help kids wind down after a busy day. We begin with some gentle but fun yoga, followed by a classic mindfulness exercise and finishing with a peaceful meditation where we let go of all our worries, fears and anger. After all this you and the kids will be on cloud 9! ️

Perfect post school or at the end of the school day or before bed.

0:00 Tallulah the Owlet | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure – We visit a baby owl (also known as an owlet) to help her with a test that’s coming up at Owl School! We learn what ‘wisdom’ means and how we can become wise – just like owls are. 🦉

23:13 Candle of Concentration | Cosmic Kids Zen Den – Focusing on a candle has been used as a meditation technique for centuries! Let’s try it now and see if we can still see it when we close our eyes. ️

28:30 Bye Bye Boat | Peace Out Guided Meditation for Kids – Let your worries, fear and anger float away on the bye bye boat. Enjoy this meditation to reduce anxiety and let go of all stress.

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