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Good Morning Yoga Flow | 15 Min Daily Morning Yoga Routine ⇒ Effective & Quick!

The best yoga for the morning reawakens the muscles, stimulates the digestive system, and connects mind & body. This 15-minute vinyasa flow is yoga for the morning that does it all.

Feel fully aligned, connected, and present in the moment, throughout the entirety of your day, after joining breath with movement in this quick & effective good morning yoga practice.

Set yourself up for a good day by starting with 15 minutes of self-care on your mat.

The intention of this yoga class is for you to connect to the present moment through the breath so you feel the goodness that flows from the heart to body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga Instructor- Juliana Spicoluk

Here are some of our favorite yoga for the morning practices:

Perfect Morning Yoga:
Morning Yoga Workout ♥ Better Than The Gym:
Full Body Stretch To Start The Day:
Morning Yoga Flow To Start Everyday Perfectly:
*Morning Guided Meditation:

00:00 You are exactly where you’re supposed to be
00:23 What this flow is all about
01:50 Settle in
02:05 Arms up shoulder & neck stretch
02:40 Wave-like cat cow child’s pose
03:20 Bird-dog shoulder circles
03:48 Fire hydrant leg circles
04:05 Single-legged bow
04:34 Bird-dog chest chin
04:41 Baby Cobra/Updog
04:49 Downdog
05:12 Wave-like plank downdog
05:32 Chaturanga
05:36 Updog
05:39 Downdog
05:46 All fours
05:55 Bird-dog shoulder circles
06:17 Fire hydrant leg circles
06:36 Single-legged bow
07:07 Bird-dog chest chin
07:12 Updog
07:17 Downdog
07:24 Walk forward
07:33 Walk it out forward fold
07:48 Forward fold arm circles
08:00 Twisted forward fold
08:24 Forward fold
08:30 Forward fold arm circles
08:43 Twisted forward fold
09:06 Forward fold
10:00 Mountain
10:10 Hands to sky
10:13 Forward fold
10:18 Plank
10:20 Chaturanga
10:23 Updog
10:28 Downdog
10:35 Low lunge
10:55 Wave-like low lunge half split
11:13 Half split
11:46 Low lunge
11:50 Chaturanga
11:55 Updog
11:59 Downdog
12:05 Low lunge
12:28 Wave-like low lunge-half split
12:49 Half split
13:20 Low lunge
13:30 Chaturanga
13:34 Updog
13:38 Downdog
13:50 Malasana
14:40 Boat
15:08 Reclined butterfly
15:25 Three-part breath exercise
16:30 Arms overhead stretch
16:37 Roll to side
16:43 Seated reconnection
17:00 Bow to heart
17:24 Namaste
17:33 Ascension
18:33 Beautiful beach

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