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Chakrasana for Beginners l with preparatory poses l Archie’s Yoga


Thank you for stopping by my channel 🙂
Here is a video of most loved yet intimidating pose – Chakrasana #wheel pose 

It is important to prepare spine, shoulders, legs specially thigh muscles and wrist before commencing the final pose. 

This video includes techniques to get into #Chakrasana along with Preparatory poses. 
Shoulder opening sequence: 

Yoga to strengthen Back:

Full body yoga:

Back and neck conditions
Joint injuries
Abdominal surgery, hernia and pilesVertigoEpilepsy

All advanced and difficult back bending poses will be easier to attempt once Chakrasana is mastered.
It tones the spine and keeps the body alert. 
Helps to overcome fear. 
Keeps one alert and full of life!
Good for all respiratory issues.
Very important pose for introverts. 
You can find me here:
Instagram: archanaa08
LinkedIn: Archana A
Facebook page: Archie’s Yoga

Let me know in the comment section below how your practice went with the video.

Archie 🙂

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