Basic Yoga Practice for Complete Beginners

This video is Yoga for Complete Beginners. We will learn basic yoga poses. This is a great workout for total beginners to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. No prior experience necessary! The pace is slow and clear instructions are given for each pose. Take it easy and be patient with yourself as you learn the practice.

We do some poses on our knees. If you have sensitive knees, use a towel or a blanket to cushion them.

In the first few minutes, we focus on our breathing and do gentle warm-up and stretches. Then we move on to lunge, standing postures, and a balance pose. We end with floor poses – twists, hip stretches, and relaxation.

If you want to learn Tree pose in more detail, watch this short tutorial:

After this practice, you may use my 5-minute guided relaxation (corpse pose/savasana) here:

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