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Welcome to ThursdayYoga Blog

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Welcome to ThursdayYoga Blog page where I hope to write articles that inspire you to love yourself through wellness, lifestyle and nutrition, oh and did I forget Yoga?!

Why are we talking about Yoga in our Blog?

Well, because, we’d like to add our two cents to the Yoga conversation and contribute to the growing pool of benefits it gives to our mental health and physical well-being.

Our pieces will be written by guest writers with the hopes of inspiring you to either begin practicing Yoga or improve your present practice. We’ll keep you up to date on the latest trends and practices, such as Bikram, Hot Yoga or Acroyoga.

What we think about Yoga here at ThursdayYoga!

Yoga, in our opinion, should be built around who we are as individuals, with the practice adapted to our physical and emotional capacities. Yoga‘s physical features (poses and breath) are only two of its many aspects.

Many of us begin here because we believe it is the most effective way to connect with our body and mind. You may want to remain there because it is a practice to enjoy both inside and out. Alternatively, you may choose to focus on other elements of this millennial old practice. Take away the parts that appeal to you, such as meditation or improving your flexibility and strength.

What makes a Yogi or Yogini?

Yoga, we have discovered, is about the ability to be present with yourself, your breath, and your thoughts. Yoga teaches you to accept yourself. The Asanas of Yoga are about becoming more aware of your body and appreciating your physical and mental well-being. It teaches you how to notice your thoughts, what distracts you, what calms you down, and how to stay in the present moment for long periods of time.  This is a deeply personal discipline that no one can define for you.

You will discover the way that is best for YOU. Being true to yourself and letting the process unfold naturally without forcing or seeking Yoga 101 makes you a budding yogi or yogini, in our opinion.

Why is Yoga referred to as a practice?

Yoga is from the language Sanskrit, it is a term meaning union. It relates to many other kinds of unions, including the alliance of our bodies, feelings and thoughts. As your practice grows and evolves, you will begin to realize that yoga will never be just one thing, and that it is something you need to practice. The energy you put into it can be as infinite and rewarding as you want it to be.

Is Yoga considered a kind of exercise or a workout?

Well, that is up to you of course. There are so many different types of Yoga that you can go as fast or slow as you like. At the gym or in your home Yoga is a great workout, it can be a cardio or an aerobic session. It helps you get in shape, body, mind and soul.

So, does Yoga bring health and happiness for free?

In summary, yes it can if you make things basic. You only need enough knowledge and Yoga accessories to get you on the mat. Once you’ve established consistency, you can then begin to expand your practice. The most important thing when you first start out is to simply show up, day after day after day. The shorter and simpler the exercise, the easier it is. Your brief, uncomplicated exercise flow will organically grow with time, just like you..  that is the miracle of yoga! 

We are looking forward to sharing the latest with you, so Yoga strap yourself in for an informative ride. We want you to have fun on your adventure to becoming a mentally and physically stronger you!

Peace anlight, Esther x



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