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I would like to start my own blogging revolution.  I’m literally crawling through a 40 day meditation practice, and I’m doing such a poor job at sticking with my daily practice that I’ve decided to start over.  Consistency is valuable.

Tomorrow, I will start the same 40 day meditation practice with the intent to devote thirty minutes every day regardless of what temptation monsters lurk my way.  And on August 2nd I will have completed 40 days, and on August 4th I will blog about those 40 days.

Ganesh on my altar.

Writing about yoga has made me believe, “Practice, practice and all is coming.”  My body believes it, but more importantly, my mind can’t deny it anymore.

If you’ve been following my blog, you may know that I prefer to write poetry, and that this tell-all-memoir-style isn’t my thing.  I’ve written pages and pages of stuff that I never published here because it’s been unkempt and imperfect; and because it wasn’t on topics that are immediately ‘eye-catching’ like Yoga Journal or fat vegans or American Apparel’s poor eye for yoga.  And it’s been frustrating at times; I wrote a blog about Eve Ensler’s struggle to end violence against women, and I checked the stats and almost no one read it.  I’ve had pieces that have talked about my search for soul…and I’ve presented my own art work that also took years to cull.  I’ve thought about why I’m so disappointed in the blogging culture, and what I should do about it.

W. H. Murray, "Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!"

I think that yoga teaches us to live devotedly and patiently.  To nurture our bodies, our minds, and our souls.  And with that comes a responsibility – stop writing inane top 10 lists and start thinking more deeply.  Thinking at a deeper level takes time.  And the more I’ve thought about my disappointment with the blogging culture, I’ve realized that presenting the content I actually want to present is going to take some time.  For one, I need to start reading again.  Nietzsche and Shakespeare and stuff that makes me feel alive.  And I need to devote more time to other things I’ve neglected.

I have  spent about ten hours writing on a Wednesday, and ended up publishing something else that I thought would be, well, easier to digest.  I don’t regret any of it, but I question ‘what do I really want to write about?’ often

So here I am posting this to let you know that I’m taking a short break.  I will be back with my blog on August 4th.  And I hope that the new content will be both thought-provoking and useful.  Oh, and yes, it will be about yoga.  There are many things I’ve had to put on the backburner to put time into this, and I believe it is important for me to take a break.

In August, expect some new sequencing for urdhva dhanurasana, and expect some unique collaborations.

Dragon fruit in Chinatown, NYC.

If you have been reading this and have started your own 40 day practice, I’d still love to hear about it.  And if you are reading this and you want to guest blog for July, feel free to contact me at renee@thursdayyoga.com.  I’m always looking for thought-provoking and useful content about yoga.  And I’m continually impressed by how many of us, us yogis, are using yoga to breathe some good into this world.

Thank you dear readers,

I will see you on August 4th right here at Thursday Yoga,
Renée Greiner

5 Responses to The Slow Blogging Revolution

  1. LauraC says:

    Enjoy your break from blogging. I will miss your weekly thoughts, but know you will have more to wow us with, come August. All the best!

    • thursday says:

      Thanks for reading Laura. I’ll return very soon. And hope to have a new ‘rested’ perspective. Who knew blogging could be so time-consuming?


  2. Adrienne says:

    Meditation, its sounds so easy, but then…
    One of the things that has supported my meditation practice, is keeping it fluid. I don’t practice the same method everyday, unless i want to, and then i do. certain things are always the same, approx time in the am, where i sit, but then i chose cushion or yoga block. I set a timer and work towards 20 minutes, or I ‘free form’ with a stop watch and go for 20 minutes. if it’s shorter, it’s shorter, eventually, it get back to 20 minutes, or longer. mostly i follow the breath- sometimes with counting- sometimes i do vipassana- i settle in and listen first to feel which way to go- i keep a meditation journal where i keep track of it all, though i doubt i will ever look at it again.
    I am looking forward to hearing about your methods, just approaching the practice, stepping back and approaching again is interesting.
    looking forward to your next posts- A

  3. Mary Ellen Dittemore says:

    I miss you and hope all is going well for you. Are you teaching at another studio?

    • thursday says:

      Mary Ellen,
      I’ll be teaching at Iron Fist MA on Lyons Avenue starting on Sunday, August 14th – Level 2, Yoga 101, and Yin Yoga. The schedule should be up on this website soon. Hope you are well.

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