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Thanks yogis and friends for following this blog.  I initially wanted to write about yoga because there is no-thing that I love more.  And in doing so, I learned a lot.  I learned more than anything how much I love and need my home practice.  I have looked back a couple times and cringed at posts; and also had some insight into positive changes in my life.  But the whole time I was writing this I felt like I had started on the wrong foundation.

Even a simple blog takes time away from yoga.  I’ve eaten enough sodium today for a small isle of people due to, funny enough, focusing on another yoga project.  This new blog I hope will be more experiential; and a little more stewed in, and possibly funny.  Please stay tuned October 6th if you’d like to follow me there.

I am still on Twitter, and will soon be here on the web just at a different location.

Light, happy yoga days,



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  1. I can’t recall if I’ve ever commented before but I have been reading for a few months now, found you from Catherine Knight’s blog. I loved every bit, please do tell us where you go.

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